Decided I dont like producing shows.

But its one of the necessary evils in comedy! There are a few reasons I hate it. Firstly, I can hardly manage life outside of comedy. Having to them organise other people is a hassle.

And there is a lot to it. If you come to comedy shows, you walk in, pay money and walk out, hopefully laughing. But putting that show together takes a lot of work. There is a heap to do (in no particular order)

Sort a venue (including negotiating price

Organise the tech gear if the venue doesnt have it.

Organise a way to sell tickets

Put together marketing.

Put out the marketing

Promote the show on social media

If its a line up or opening acts, negotiate the acts pay, book them and make sure they know what to do, when, how to get there, etc.

set up the venue with said tech

Organise a door person

then, ontop of all of that, you have to write, practise and do the show!! This is where i wish someone would manage me. So i only had to write and do the show. Did i mention i want them to manage me for free. That would be super.

But you got to do these things sometimes to get the stage time you want. I just organised a show for the Comedy Hub and now need to start the next one. I also have a theatre wanting me to come up and do my show… but its a lot of work. And you often take it for little to no money once you take out the expenses.

Still though, that hour or what ever you get on stage is so valuable. and when you get those big laughs… nothing better!