Recently I have found my comedy voice changing.

For those who don't know, or in the comedy scene, your comedy voice is a mix of your style of delivery, what you talk about, your unique point of view on life. Its like your comedy brand. Its not something you have when you first start up, its something you develop over time. And with that, changes over time too.

Mine is changing. In a way. I think my delivery is the same, but perhaps my perspective on who I am writing for has changed

In the past I think I have written to please an audience. I have taken topics I am interested in and put it through the "will this make the audience laugh and will anyone be a little offended by this"

I think with changes in my life, perhaps getting a little older, perhaps a bit wiser, I guess that filter has change. I am now writing for one person, me.

And i am seeing the differences. The laughs are bigger, and better. And I am enjoying the performance more. I think I just stopped worrying about offending anyone. I just don't really give a hoot about the sensitive types any more. And don't get me wrong, I am jumping into the "ism's" (Racism, sexism etc), but I am talking more about my race, my sex and my life view. I am just putting out material that reflects more on how I feel about the world. It has stronger emotions to it, and as a result is a bit edgy. I am not writing to be out there, and causing offense, I am writing because I find it funny.

And I honestly thing that the fear of backlash for material is dying out. In the last 3-5 years there has been this massive up-swell of what is offensive. Comedians had to tread carefully around bad language, not talking about anything that might have been slightly offensive, or could have been considered offensive. And comedians where dragged through the mud for making a joke about…. well anything.

I think, or at least hope thats dying away. and anyway FUCKEM, by the time they are in the audience being offended the tickets have been brought, money handed over and it is not going back.

And there is an audience for more edgy comedy, people want it.

So if you feel you are PC, woke, or what ever, dont come to the new show. Please dont come. I dont want your to ruin it for the fun people.

And if you are offended, take a walk, calm down. They are just words. Also if you are offended for something you are not, IE if i make a joke about male orgasms, and your not a male, fuck off you have no right to be offended. If i make a joke about catholic priests, and you are not catholic, take a running leap, you have no right to be offended. If I write a joke about my marriage, sex life, my wife or my kids, Dont get offended, you dont have to be married to me, related to me or fuck me.

Dont get offended on behalf of a community, let that community decide what THEY feel is offensive and let THEM take action. Mind you these tend to be the kind of people who just like to bitch and moan and have their way on the world. The kind of people if you gave them a slice of cake they would get offended you didn't ask first, then think of the cake as your way of calling them fat, then that somehow is an attach on their gender, which in turn is somehow racist as it is a banana cake, which for some reason is a racial slur on people from countries that grow bananas, which they are not from, but their neighbors 3rd cousin visited once and really enjoyed and they once looked up on a map where it was. if your reading this, and think this may be you, it is. Sort your self out.

So to sum up, if you are starting in this comedy game, fuck the haters, write material that makes you laugh, and makes you happy.