So last night, I and a handful of comedians went to another comedians show.

And it was a bit of a small turn out. And a bit of a shame. The comedian is a good dude, a nice guy and had some good material.

But it was a shame more people didn't get behind it. This is a guy touring the country and doing his own thing. He has not waited for an opportunity to come knocking, he has gone out there and created his own.

And we as comedians should be behind this more. We should be supporting our own industry, in particular those who are trying to create a name for themselves. We have a tendency to go see the top tier of comedians. And thats cool, its good to see them, and learn some skills along the way.

But those people got there from starting at the bottom and working their way up. This and next year I am trying to see who ever is coming to town if I can. And I wont be able to, lets be real. I have a job, and a family I need to put first, but I want to support as many comedians as I can with a paying ticket (or if you have a comp, bring a paying friend). And those who I cant see, by spreading the word and letting others know there is a good show on.

If you are a comedian, and only come to shows you are booked on, perhaps you should think hard about supporting your peers and industry. If you are touring, you sure as fuck would expect other comedians to come.