Jesus i am slack on updating this website. Its a bit sad we are at the halfway point of 2020 and this is the first post… Since August.

Here is the list of excuses i have though about

  • Covid. Ok this one is a cop out I admit. but it still happened
  • I had a kid. I didnt have him my wife did. But we had a kid. It keeps you busy
  • I took a break from comedy. Again yes Covid was a part of that. But I was just a bit burnt out and was finding it a struggle to write due to the burn out.
  • I took stock of my mental health. I have always said comedians are a different breed for the most part. We are broken people. Im not exception. So took some time to sort that out.
  • I wanted to diversify my art. So, no matter what people say, stand up is an art. (See here fool) I love my art. I love stand up like I love my kids and my wife. Its part of who I am. But I wanted to find a new way of expressing myself.

Something that doesnt involve as much ego, bright lights, 10-50 other people, lots of tech, a venue, tickets etc etc. I wanted something I can do on my own in my own time. Something where I could take the minimum of gear and go and bring back something I can hold in my hand. I think the biggest issue with stand up, as an art, is that unless you are making a netflix special, there is nothing to hold in my hand after. There is nothing I can put on a shelf or on my wall and show people when they visit. So I found myself wanting a new outlet. In a way it ties into the mental health above.

Now, as much as I wish I was I am NOT a pencil on paper type of artist. I cant draw for nothing. That talent has seemed to skip a generation as my oldest kid is an amazing artist. I also cant do anything musical, again as much as i wish i could. So I found my art release in the form of photography.

And its great. its through a camera in a backpack and go. Although thats what I thought it was, now im finding… it still involves a lot of tech gear! And none of it is cheap! Still im loving it and I can involve my kids too. I did a videography course too and hoping to start putting that to good use. I have started doing wee video blogs in the weekends as something to do. (can catch them here)

So thats it. Perhaps less stand up and more other things coming up. But still stand up. Just a little less.

Will dive into the mental health another day. not today. still a work in progress.