So the new site is up! I say new, this is the first ever site I have ever had. If you are looking for the old one…. Its not there.

This site has been set up to promote my own comedy. But along the way share the life of a comedian.

How often I update it is another question. I think this is going to be one of those things that sit on my desk top open to record random thoughts that come to mind through out the day. sort of a rambling recording of thoughts

Which brings me to the new show.

So my first solo show I did was D.I.V.O.R.C.E, the home game!

And i loved that show. it was fun. I got to do it in Palmy and Hamilton Fringe and it was great.

But cant do that forever. That's not to say that show wont come back, and as its a bit more of a tame show, I think its going to be a good one to pull out when the occasion rises.

The new show however is a bit different. Its a bit more Edgy, a bit more risky I guess. I feel its a going to be more fun to perform. And Perform it I shall!

Keep and eye out here as the where and whens to see this show should be popping up pretty soon!

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