So I didn't grow up with social media. I was working full time as a retail manager at Dick Smith when I was introduced to Facebook. Even then it was fairly basic stuff.

Now though it seems to be everything. If your not on there you get left out of the world.

So having to learn to self promote is a real pain in the ass. It seems to some it comes natural. I seem to struggle. Its not that I'm shy or don't want to, its just a pain in the ass. I tend to forget to post stuff.

But trying to improve. And getting better at it.

Facebook seems to be doing better, and I guess the next progression is things like Instagram and youtube. And its not that I wan to be an internet sensation, far from it, I just want people to see my comedy. The issue with this is you want people to see your comedy, but at the same time you dont want to give it away for free.

Things for me to ponder I guess.

For now expect to see a bunch more video and photo content. I have been lucky enough to meet some cool people who are very talented at their craft. People such as Richard Dryden who is cool enough to provide most of the great photos you see, and Aaron Naea who recently gave me a very very cool video tool I can use, and who's own work I am really digging!

Here is what else is going on.

Yesterday (Thursday 22 August) had a cool gig at Snails Artist Space with a few locals, and visiting comedian Dan Brader. Heaps of fun.

Tonight I am doing a fund raiser for Big Brother Big Sister which I am really looking forward to, as it is in a great venue in Globe 1, a 200 seat theatre and a hell of a sexy room to perform in. There is nothing better then a show in a great space.

Next month I am up in Wellington on the 12th for a cool line up show. Should be fun one as its MC'd by El Jaguar! Features some cool Wellington Comedians and a few Palmy boys too! Lets see how much I can upset Wellingtonians!

Then 20th September heading up to Auckland to perform at The Classic Studio my own show, Conscious Ramblings.

Really looking forward to that one! The Classic is NZ's top comedy venue. Its where I did my first show and I love performing there. Tons of history and always a great crowd. When I started comedy ages and ages ago I set a goal to do my own show there, so this one means a lot to me.

Then its back home to gear up for Palmy Comedy Fest!

Should be fun.

Tickets to all shows can be found from my home page!

Have a good Weekend


Image by Richard Dryden